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Important Details in Laptop Selection

The higher the price, the better a laptop? I guess that proposition is a thing of the past. Isn't it the best laptop that will best meet your needs? It is clear that many people, including myself, will not be able to escape this error for a long time. For this reason, we said that we could compile a laptop for ourselves and compile the important details that we will pay attention when choosing.


Laptop Types

gaming computer

You are aware of how much computer diversity is available. Is the aim just to offer better features and different designs? Of course no. The simplest example might be a laptop player computer. Is it a computer that you can easily use anywhere with its aggressive designs and high system features? You know, high hardware features and the more expensive it was, the better?


2-in-1, Notebook and Gamebook, in fact, we can examine under 3 different titles. Choosing one of these titles doesn't really take us to the best laptop for us. Why doesn't he take it? Let's start with the Notebook title and let's examine it.


Notebook Selection and Important Details

The notebooks were separated as gamebooks with features that could be played while the gamer's computers were still missing. But for now, we know that even though some notebooks play games, not all current games will run easily, so we had to make a distinction. We will examine notebooks in the general use class. One of the most important criteria today is screen size, computer weight and hardware specifications. First of all, if you want a computer to move frequently and do not have an overly busy workload, like programming, video and photo editing. In this case, it is enough to choose a smaller lighter computer.


It is possible to find the ideal performance in notebooks with a 1.6 ghz processor and at least 4 gb ram. These values are enough to run ofice programs and surf the internet. A system below will put you in the long run. Of course, for a good performance, a processor close to or above the 2.0 gHz processor frequency and at least 6 gb ram can be recommended.


It will also help to pay attention to the U and HQ next to it to help your processor perform better. HQ is a performance processor and has an average performance of 35% higher than the U processor. However, it consumes more power and will cause your battery to run out quickly. Of course, an option that increases the price.


External Graphics Card in Notebook

I will do some work with notebooks such as drawing programs, video editing, photo editing, and sometimes an external video card is required for those who want to play some old games. If you select a 128-bit graphics card with a 2 GB cache on the external graphics card, you can easily do this.

Gamebook Selection and Important Details


Choosing a gamebook based on the maximum system requirements of the types of games you play, or an average value between minimum and maximum will allow you to have a gamebook at an affordable price. A standard gamebook and a processor with a 3.5 gHz processor frequency for those who want to play current games, which is definitely HQ. A minimum of 8 GB of cache should be used in the RAM section and a minimum of 128 GB of 4 GB in the graphics card. In order to play future games and current games in the best graphics, it is best to choose a new generation processor between 3.5 and 4.0 ghz with 12-16 GB ram and 192 GB or more graphics card with 6 GB or more cache in the graphics section. . When selecting the display, the IPS display and a display with the lowest possible reaction time must be selected. The reaction times are shown in MS. 1 Display types with MS and 144 Hz will deliver much better display performance. In addition, SD storage also has a good impact on performance. In addition to HDD storage, SD storage on your computer will make your system faster.


2-in-1 Selection and Important Details

It can be said that the structures as well as the name are very interesting. The screens are swiveling, folding out back or touching. It is one of the laptops that have mechanics on which you can operate with a pen. Such computers can be practical for those presenting on a computer, using the computer for more notes, and organizing the program. At the same time, to be able to show product promotions easily in computer environment for employees working in sales and marketing. It is also one of the computers that will provide ease of transportation and use.