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Become a computer repair technician


Computer troubleshooting in summary

At the same time resourceful and technician jack-of-all-trades, the troubleshooter intervenes on computers, printers, scanners and other types of objects. It may be necessary to:


 repair failures, software or mechanical origin

 repair a computer contaminated by a virus

 install software or connect peripherals

 set up an internet connection

 change parts, clean components, etc.

Whether in the home of individuals or with professionals, the convenience store must, in any case, find a solution tailored to the needs of its customers and extend the life of their computer assets.


What are the qualities of becoming a computer troubleshooter?

First and foremost, you must be an expert in your field. For this, you will have to show a certain attraction for computer tools and ease of handling them. The software and the different components must have no secrets for you!


However, as the world of computing is constantly evolving, you will need to regularly do computer intelligence. Curious, you will be up to date on the latest software and other news in the field.


A good dose of the organization will also be necessary. Customers who use a convenience store do not plan to be deprived of their device for a long time. You will need to be able to be responsive to making repairs as quickly as possible. It is also very likely that you have to move on the weekends. In addition, by managing your schedule as well as possible, you are sure to answer a sufficient number of requests to make your business profitable.


Finally, you will have to listen and be patient. Indirect contact with customers, you will have to understand both the origin of the breakdowns and explain your recommendations. This will reassure computer owners, both about your professionalism and about your skills.


Diversify your troubleshooting activity

IT is a vast field on which many activities intersect! You can choose to perform simple troubleshooting. But for the sake of developing your business, you can opt for computer training, remote consulting, or selling equipment.


Be careful though! Even if these activities all concern the same field, that of IT, they do not meet the same regulations.


1 - Computer repair

You change the defective components, repair the scanners, printers, disassemble and reassemble the equipment. This activity is considered artisanal and therefore requires registration with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. The turnover not to exceed to continue to benefit from the simplified scheme of the self-enterprise is 70 000 €. The social contribution rate will be 22%.


2 - Computer training or consulting

You help customers understand how to use computer tools or hardware, and how to train them using the software. You can also troubleshoot them remotely. In this case, your activity will be considered as liberal and you will depend on the URSSAF. Your turnover ceiling will be € 70,000 and your contributions 22%.


3 - The sale of computer equipment

You buy and sell computer equipment (printers, scanners, motherboard, sound card ...). You can sell at a store or directly to your customer. Your business will be commercial and you will depend on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Your turnover cap will be 170,000 € and your contributions 12,8%.


4 - The accumulation of activities

You can choose to focus on only one type of activity but know that it is quite possible to cumulate!


Example: An individual solicits you because he has just acquired a computer and a printer. He wants you to help him install and take control of his equipment. In this case, your benefit will be liberal. A few months later, he calls you because his computer is no longer working. You buy the necessary part (commercial service) that you replace on the computer (craftsmanship).


You can, therefore, depend on several Business Formalities Centers (URSSAF, CCI and CMA) and have to respect a double ceiling of turnover. Thus in the framework of accumulation with commercial activity, your ceiling of turnover will be fixed at 170 000 €, within which the part relating to the activities of services (council and / or manpower) do must not exceed € 70,000. Remember to separate the two types of benefits when reporting your turnover!

How to combine several activities in self-organization?


Should we make a declaration of Service to the Person?

Computer troubleshooting, whether it is consulting or repair, is part of the Service à la Personne activities. The use of this type of professionals is encouraged by the government. In fact, clients seeking this type of service can benefit from tax credits of up to 50% of the amount paid.


Allowing your clients to benefit from these tax advantages is a powerful argument to convince them to call on you. For this, all you have to do is apply for a simple license.


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Computer troubleshooting is not a regulated activity, but this formality is optional. But beware! If you decide to start this process, you will have to exercise exclusively for individuals and you will not be able to exercise any commercial activity. An important choice that deserves reflection!

What training to become a computer troubleshooter?

No training is required to create your self-help business. But everything related to computers requires a lot of knowledge and technical skills. So where and how to acquire these essential skills?


For the most resourceful, to form alone

Many IT technicians are on their own, on the job. If you are curious, patient, and able to constantly research new techniques, you will be able to excel in your profession while training yourself.


In this respect, the Internet is a mine of information. Feel free to spend time researching and training as often as possible. But be careful: never commit to a mission for which you do not have all the necessary skills. In case of damage to the equipment of your customers, it is your own responsibility that will be engaged.


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To develop skills, take training

Because it is always better to develop one's knowledge, training will never be wasted!


If you only want to troubleshoot, you do not have to engage in long computer studies. You can opt for short courses that will train you in computer maintenance techniques. Many private organizations offer cycles of 6 to 12 months.


Want to learn more? From the bachelor's degree to the bachelor's or the bachelor's or the bachelor's degree, there are many courses in face-to-face or distance learning, allowing you to develop all the skills you need in the computer industry.


To choose your training, think carefully about the skills you want to develop and find out from the Chamber of Trades and Crafts that can send you the list of approved organizations in your department.


Create a self-help business, instructions for use

1. Specify your project

Since the computer repair market is highly competitive, we advise you to ask yourself the following questions before you start:


 What is the existing IT offer in your area?

 How can you differentiate yourself from the competition?

 What is the speciality that you can highlight?

 Do you want to just do a craft business, or do you also want to teach or sell materials?

You can then build your project closer to the expectations of the market to ensure the success of your self-business.


Also, think about looking at your competitors: what are their benefits, their prices, their methods of communication? It is also at that moment that you will define your prices.


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2. Create your own business

Your project created, you have all the cards in hand to formalize the birth of your company! Even if the steps to register your activity are simplified in the case of auto-entrepreneurs, take stock of the mandatory formalities.


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It is at this moment that you will have to decide to cumulate or not two types of activity (artisanal and / or liberal or commercial). That said, do not panic! You will still be able to add a secondary activity once your self-business is created.


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If your activity is primarily artisanal, know that the Installation Preparation Course (SPI), formerly mandatory for artisans, was made optional on May 24, 2019.


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3. Make yourself known and build customer loyalty

Your self-business officially created, you just have to build your clientele.


First, use local communication to publicize your activity! Plan a budget to create business cards for your customers to use for word of mouth. Given your area of expertise, they will also expect an online presence. Do not hesitate to develop a showcase site, indicating the details of your services and your skills.


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And do not forget: the auto-entrepreneur status can be combined with a salaried activity! You can take the time to test the viability of your project by maintaining a parallel activity at first.