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Battery life and useful life guide for Ordi Portable

You are about to acquire a new pc and you have any questions about the battery? This is not surprising. This is a problem we have all been faced with: ending up with a battery that no longer works! Follow the Portable Battery Guide: After reading, you will learn more about the life and battery life of rechargeable batteries. You will also have many tips to improve these 2 settings on your laptop!

What is the average life of a laptop battery?

When buying a new laptop, it is hoped that the battery will last a long time. Because from the moment when it is necessary to recharge it every hour, it is necessary to know that it will not go by arranging itself. The only solution will be to replace the battery of your laptop with another one.

Wondering what is the average lifespan of this essential component in laptops? Generally, a lithium-ion battery can last from 18 months to 2 years, which is relatively low. Of course, if you take care of it, it is possible to keep it for much longer!

What is the average battery life of a laptop battery?

It's hard to talk about average battery life for laptop batteries. Indeed, depending on the model of your pc, the battery will be more or less efficient. That's why we strongly advise you to contact a seller the day you buy your laptop. If you want to be able to use your pc for long hours without having to recharge it, because you are often in a situation of mobility, you will have to choose a model with good autonomy. However, we must remain realistic: a PC that has a 10h autonomy, it may be complicated to find.


It should not be forgotten that the more time passes, the fewer rechargeable batteries are performing: they gradually lose their autonomy and it is difficult to fight against this natural wear. So, even if you buy a laptop battery with good battery life, it may not be as good after a year.

Power consumption in a PC

The screen: 43%

Chipset: 21%

Intel or AMD processor: 9%

Graphics card: 8%

Hard disk: 5% (an SSD will consume a lot of power)

Network: 4%

Our tips for using your battery in the best conditions

To keep its lithium-ion battery longer, there is no secret: it must be used in good conditions. Here are some tips we advise you to follow to avoid weakening your battery:


When purchasing your computer, make sure that the battery has been manufactured by a known manufacturer. Indeed, you will have the guarantee that it meets all the standards in force: it is safer and it will prevent you from many breakdowns in the future! The date of manufacture of the battery is also of great importance. So do not hesitate to check it! Indeed, more this component was manufactured a long time ago, less it will benefit from a good autonomy and lifetime. And this, even if it has never been used. Avoid always leaving your laptop connected to its universal charger. It's tempting, but it can mostly damage the battery in the long run.

Of course, when you run out of battery, you have to connect the computer to its charger. But be careful: avoid doing it when your pc is 10% or less. Indeed, it may require too much effort to your computer! Connect your PC to its charger when it is 15 or 20% is better! Computers do not like hot weather. More particularly batteries. If it's really too hot, avoid using your PC for hours: it may overheat and damage the battery.

Optimizing and adjusting the computer

You can also optimize the computer settings with the power management settings:

Remember to turn off your display quickly as soon as your computer is no longer active

Put the hard drive to sleep

Use low power mode

Adjust the brightness of the screen

Automate standby

Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Irda devices if they are not needed

Make sure your USB devices are properly configured to allow Windows to put them to sleep.

Also, remember to clean the fans every 6 months. Dust-clogged ventilation will heat up your laptop and drain the battery faster.