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8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Camera


Are you currently considering buying a camera? Feeling fascinated with beautiful pictures -photography on the internet, then you want to be able to produce such photos?

Or you are now saving money to catch up with your target, in the coming months can bring the camera (or smartphone with a cool camera).

Certainly, we do not want to have the sheets of money that have been inserted for months, and at the time of purchase, you feel regret for wrong buying, or it is not as you expected.

1. Need or desire

So that you will not be like buying a cat in a sack, and there will be no regrets in the future (what the hell ..) haha. You should start considering some of the following before you go to the camera store, picking up and it turns out to be wrong.


This is the first point, why? Because there are some who buy a camera without really knowing if he's buying because he needs it, or he just wants to have a camera.


It does not matter if you are buying only because of a desire or need, that is the right of each. But if you realize you're buying the camera it wants or needs, it will affect the next step you will do.

Let's look at the example: If you buy only because of the desire, most people just look at the looks of the camera, whether it's cool or not, when people see them will be amazed and so on.


But if you really need it, you will take into account everything based on your needs. For example, you need a camera for your job, of course, all the cameras that do not support your work will be removed from your list.


2. Price and Budget

Price and budget are two very relevant things, you want the camera at a certain price, but the budget is not enough to be bothered. I asked friend, good buy what camera? What brand? What I asked you first, you have the money? How much would you spend?


If you have an unlimited budget, of course, the price will never be a problem, if your budget is only a few million, then we can determine the camera price range according to your budget.

All cameras that are out of budget, are automatically removed from the purchase list instead?


But if you've been in the market or really want a camera at a price beyond your budget, then there's no choice but to keep up and save, until your budget is met for targeted cameras.


3.The purpose of buying a camera

Later when you have a camera, will you take the camera anywhere? what kind of object will you photograph? Or what type of event would you like to photograph?


Is the camera model very important for your style or not? All those questions and those similar questions that you might think about should know the answer.

If you are buying a camera for travel, go for a walk, do not buy a large size camera and weighing nearly as little as one. Travelling while carrying heavy loads would be a difficult thing.


4. The quality of the resulting image

Do you care about image quality? If so, the next question is whether you will showcase your photo results where? If you are planning to print large and display, then choose the highest quality camera you can buy.


But if only for upload on Instagram, Facebook or Path then the digital camera pocket even the latest smartphone is now quite enough.

Also keep in mind the size of the megapixel on the camera, how the quality of the picture is usually proportional to the size of the camera sensor, and ironically the size of the camera sensor is equally proportional to the price of the camera, the more expensive the camera is usually the quality is also getting better.


The old saying here goes: There is a price there is a look.


5. Camera connectivity

Whether you're a social-media-aholic, any photo uploaded, your account comes across all social media in the world. Every minute selfie, groupie or whatever its name, then uploaded.


If you're a typical person like this, camera connectivity is an important thing to consider.

In a modern era like this, the average latest cameras already support the wi-fi feature, with these features you can instantly copy photos from the camera to your smartphone, then upload them directly to social media.


Look for a camera that supports or has the feature.

6. Replace the lens or not

The freedom to replace the lens is also worth your calculation, by changing the lens you can choose the best lenses for your camera, with a different purpose of use.


From wide-to-wide lenses available on the market, from lenses that can capture the ants until they fit the frame, up to a lens that can photograph blackheads on a friend's nose, which is a mile away.

But remember when you buy a lens that can change the lens (the cool language Interchangeable lens), it means you also buy a camera brand system, because the camera with a certain brand can not be installed lenses from other brands, except using the adapter is usually not optimal too.


If you do not bother with the lenses of all kinds, choose a pocket camera or smartphone.


7. Brand


The brand I mean here is not in the brand name one better than the other.


I often receive any question which is better for Canon or Nikon, and I usually just answer, if you are holding the camera and have not been proficient, usually both are not good hehe.

What I mean by the brand is the convenience of you getting the camera product in the market, the easy to get reliable camera support, technical support and service centre and you can easily reach it, as well as a camera system that is well qualified in the sense of a wide selection of lenses, or affordable external flash.

Do not forget about guaranteed camera warranty, whether it's just a store warranty, distributor, or international warranty. Specifically for external lenses and flash, usually third-party manufacturers like Sigma, Tamron or Tokina provide only lenses and accessories for Canon and Nikon, as well as some for Sony.


In Indonesia alone, the two brands are also holding a large market share, of course, the manufacturers of other brands are also worth your calculations.


8. Community

Community meaning is your friends average using what camera?


The advantage if you use cameras that are similar to your friends, you can easily learn how to operate the camera, of course, because there are people who can guide you.


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Another advantage is to borrow the same brand or support lens with the camera you have. But if you want to be different, of course, it does not matter to you.


So 8 things you need to consider before buying a new camera, make sure that you have learned how slow-moving photos without a tripod you can get.


Thanks for reading.